That's basically us! The group was founded somewhen in November of the year 2000... however I can't really remember the date... I'm sure if I look in my mail I'll find out, but I'm just way too lazy. Our group is currently just a fan one, though, actually we made it to be an art one, and that's what we are. We do make a lot of stuff by ourselves, but gladly not many people get it in their hands - said gladly, that means for all the surrounding once.

Our group is making currently couple projects, like this one - the one and only EAVSS. Another project is eDAN - out Magazine, you can get your hands on it, right here too. I, Dark Elven also plan on making RPG games (not those online once of course, but the real) and manga... Yeah what not, people are free to dream, not?

If you like what we are doing, please support us (not money, you dummy, though I'd gladly eccept some) - Link exchange would do just grate, also there is our sign on yor left, so you can put it anywhere you like, but remember to say, it's ours. That's to all the supporters.

"In evilness we trust!" - remeber, sides change, but you remain the same! Get along, try again!