FAQ - eMotions's AVSS

Q.: What are eMotions???
A.: Read "eMotions's info"

Q.: Why do you do this?
A.: Blah... We like it!

Q.: Why do you like villains more then heros?
A.: Well because I think that they're all so cool, isn't that better to try to change something as most of them did, instead of just protecting the imperfect something you already have. That means they waren't afraid to go to the different side of wall, so that makes me love them all.

Q.: Why don't you have Tenchi/Gundum Wing?
A.: Course I haven't seen them, and I'm not looking forward to it too much, but if you send me tapes/VCD/DVD - I might just make a page on them. But I guess Rei5 has some pages on them, so you might like to check.

Q.: Why can't I save your main page muzak?
A.: Well, that's pretty easy - open sourse and find URL's there.

Q.: I wan't THAT pic very bad and you don't have it!!!
A.: I can't have everything, but I'll do my best and try to help you if you e-mail me without coursing, like some do, I just ignore those. The same goes for everything else you want.

Q.: Can we exchange links/banners?
A.: Yes, e-mail me with your page's Title and URL. Give me the banner code or the banner itself *please not in BMP or PSD*, but remeber that Tripod/Angelfire doesn't allow remote loading.

Q.: When's next eMotions's festival taking place?
A.: Anytime I get money for that! If you want to be a sponsor e-mail me and I'll love you very much!

Q.: What are Wedding Peach, etc.?
A.: If you don't know the anime, it's even better, course I usually write main info's and reviews for _not_very_know_ anime - so this way you can learn more about them and later try to find if you like the review. There is no Sailor Moon review though!

Q.: Can I e-mail you just to talk?
A.: Yeah I guess so, I like to talk to new ppl and if you aren't rude I won't ignore you.

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